How does color affect mood?

Color correlates to behavior in nature which is why it affects human’s minds. Colors have the effect to make us feel and act out on what we feel. Many people use colors in their everyday lives as propaganda to help reach their businesses audiences and to make them feel a certain way.  Color is not just used because it can affect moods, feelings, and emotions, but it can also be used to prompt action, influence mood, and encourage and cause physiological reactions. Color can be used to trigger your emotions through memories and associations. They can be used to heal, or increase energy. I think it’s important to recognize that colors have important meanings and also can be associated as different meanings in different cultures. Color can influence performance ever wonder why the stop sign was red and not green? Red is a warning and alert color whereas green is more of a productivity color it’s going to make you want to keep going rather than red that screams “Hey stop”. But with that said it needs be known that colors in different places mean different things such as blue for example to some people can be associated with blue skies and a calming color where as some also see it as a saddening color. Another example is that in signs orange is used to warn the driver about construction work and to be alert of change in an area so you can safely be aware of the changes whereas orange can also be used as a color to stimulate and to enhance enthusiasm which is why a lot of people wear it to work out in. It stimulates brain activity which is why it’s great for each purpose.

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How does color affect mood?

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